Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fixer Upper On Portland Avenue

Toilet Articles. I wonder when this stopped being a residence and became a store?
This house is at 2000 Portland Avenue and boarded by Metro Louisville. The architectural style is Queen Anne and it was built around 1890.
I found on that the father of an Edward Lee Schweitzer who was a "Landsman for Electrician(Radio)" died in a Naval Hospital of a respiratory disease on September 23, 1918, lived here. His father's name was Edward G. Schweitzer. The son enlisted in Louisville in August of that year and died in Newport R.I.
I also discovered in the October, 10, 1901 edition of the Kentucky Irish American newspaper that a David O'Gorman lived at that address with his wife and 4 kids. He died that previous Friday from a long bout with consumption.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is it?

It looks like a cannon or a pig's snout.

Found Modern Art?

I found this in the vicinity of Kentucky Street on Easter Sunday. It almost looks like it has been crushed but I think that is because it is so rusted that it's falling apart. It's some kind of tank trailer. I don't know what it was for or how long it has been there or how long it will remain. I think they should just give it a title and call it art.